"How-To" Questions from real projects...

We have put together a list of commonly asked questions by database developers, DBAs, programmers and we hope that you will find these beneficial to your work. We keep on updating this site almost everyday as we document more and more of such scenarios from the work that we have done for our clients. If there are any other "How-To" documents that you would like to be covered, please send an e-mail to us at Contact Us

  • How can I re-sequence a number column in Oracle ?
  • How can I auto increment column value using database objects?
  • How can I extract the day, month or year from a date field?
  • How can I return a record set from a stored procedure to the client application?
  • How can I see whether triggers are enabled or disabled in SQL Server?
  • How can I prevent the failure of an entire load because of some errors during DML operations?
  • How can I get a portion of a string based on a search string for a varchar/char column(s)?
  • How can I update the contents of a text/ntext or varchar(max) data-type column in SQL Server?
  • How can I alter a regular column to be an identity column in SQL Server?
  • How can I enable event level tracing in Oracle?
  • How can I reset the sequence value in Oracle and identity current value in MS SQL Server and DB2?
  • How can I view the historical changes made to a table using Flashback versions query?
  • How can I recover a table which is dropped by mistake using the flashback table clause?
  • How can I return a record set from a function in Oracle, MS SQL Server and DB2?