About Us...

A Service Company

We provide consulting services to our clients in the areas listed on our Services page. We are highly motivated set of individuals and every consultant in our team has over 10 years of experience in working with Tier-1 clients. Our unfailing dependability is proof of the personal and professional integrity of each employee.

We work with our clients to provide them real value for their money. If you think that it is difficult to find consultants who do what they say, then at DIS, it happens everyday. We work with our clients to keep our promises and earn their complete satisfaction.

Our Products

We are currently working on developing a product for the healthcare and the financial sectors. The product will provide online analytical capabilities to make the task of the decision makers in hospitals and financial institutions much easier. It is a web based platform to make data sharing easier and will be used to mine the data for these specific verticals. Currently we have 2 beta customers ready for the pilot project.

In case you are a VC firm or an angel investor and would like to get more information about the project for funding purposes, please contact us via e-mail at Contact Us. Please include your web-site and information on past projects that you may have been involved in.